Forge welded gratings

Grating panels manufactured in Stadtlohn Germany. These are fully resistance welded by creating heat at the metal intersection points of square twisted or round cross bar and solid bearing bars.

Pressure Locked Gratings

These are special gratings made in our factory in Stadtlohn Germany by pressing the appropriate cross bar under higher pressure into the bearing bar.

Full Cell Gratings

Gratings with bearing bars and cross bars of same dimensions can be used as decorative elements. Eg for ceiling, handrails and sunprotection.

Connector Covers / Cover type gratings for Corridor

These are specially made pressure lock gratings with inclined cross bars. Can be used in various applications where Airflow is required through the grating floor and at the same time restricting a direct view.

Perforated Metal Planks

Perforated metal planks are produced from coils in different materials. This product is the ideal supplement to the Lichtgitter range of the well known walkable metal floor coverings, forge welded and pressure locked gratings.

GRP Products

GRP gratings are produced in special moulds using a wet lamination procedure. The glass fibers are woven together, while the resin, additives and colour pigment if required are introduced in liquid form.

Safety Ladders

We make demountable or fixed type Stadium Stand System as per demand, with or with out handrails and stairs. Can be supplied in Galvanized Steel , Stainless Steel or Aluminum Material.

Flame retarding Covering

Outdoor transformers are an important part of our industry guaranteeing the supply of electricity. Transformer oil cools these machines. Caused by e.g. lightning stroke or other influences the transformer could be damaged.

Heavy Duty Galvanized Gratings

Based on the technical know how of Lichtgitter Gmbh , we are producing heavy duty gratings locally in our factory situated in Industrial Area Doha.

Safety Ladders

We fabricate, supply and install safety ladders with or without safety cage. We offer you various options and solution to make the access ladders safer by utilizing anti-slip rungs coming from Lichtgitter Germany such as LSP 25, LSP 35 & LSP 50.

Man Access Cover

We can design, fabricate, galvanize and install Man access cover as per European standards. These covers can be Recessed type, solid top or perforated mesh type in surface finishing like Hot dip galvanization.

Ductile Products

We offers a wide range of Ductile Iron products under the brand name of “Qatar Gratings” , manufactured in India. The range of product are based on strict norms and regulation of QCS , Ashghal Authority and BSN 124.

Full Structural Solution

On turnkey basis, we Fabricate, Galvanize, Supply and Install structural supports with staircases, handrails and grating platform.